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Weird forgetfulness

 So, we've been really busy the last couple of days, and I've have been doing a looooooooot of close up magic (with that many o's it has to be alot).  Now obviously in Japan I've been doing them all in Japanese.  Well, last night there were some foreigners and I had to do it in English.  I almost couldn't!  I forgot all my routines in my native tongue...it was kinda creepy.

Obviously, since I'm writing this, I still have a command of the language, it's just the magic trick's scripts that I've forgotten.  Misplaced commas and spelling errors were a normal thing for me before this trip, though I wish I could blame that on Japan too.


You're that fluent in Japanese already? I have been slacking! I'm a slacker! I've been concentrating on listening this time since I'm here longer. Vocabulary has been secondary.
I am far, far, and did I mention far, from fluent. However, I do my close up magic at least 15-20 times a day... when people hear me doing my act, they assume that I speak much better than I do... though I'm also fluent in ordering a drink (you know, the important stuff.
Oh yeah: food, drink, money, time. Essentials and perfect starting points!


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