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I had no hot water last night and I'm not sure why.  I haven't ventured to test it this morning...probably because it will still not be working and then I'll have to make a long call to someone who probably won't understand what I'm saying anyway. 

Then, I still don't know if I'm leaving at the end of June or the end of July.  I've sent an email to my agent, but have yet to hear anything back.  Since when I accepted the gig it was till the end of July, no one is expecting me back until then... So of course I have nothing lined up.

Then the final frustration is trying to build a new web page...

I made a page that I love on iweb, but I no longer have access to a mac and the site is years out of date, all I want to do is update it... Two different programs that I downloaded said that I could upload the site from the web, but after following all the instructions, all they do is show me a blank screen... Then I tried to build a new one from scratch, unfortunately, people that are good with html and all that web stuff don't realize that easy for them and easy for me are totally different so upon trying the "easy" program that they reccomend, I had to stop myself from hurling my computer out of the window.




lol im sorry that sounds horrible..i hope everything starts going right haha, i know how it feels, and i know what you mean about wanting to thrust your computer out the window...they can be so frustrating lol
When you get back you're welcome to use my mac to update your website.

I'll be around until the end of august.
Thanks, but I want to have the ability to add things from my computer so that I can truely keep it up to date.
Fair enough... I may still have the iWeb files though so maybe I can export them to a format you can use.
I do a lot of web site shite. If yah need any help creating or re-creating, lemme know.

June 2010

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