sleightgirl (sleightgirl) wrote,

Grinding Away

I had forgotten what it's like living in another country. One minute, you feel like you understand everything that's going on around you and really feel apart of it, then the next minute you don't understand anything that's said, and when you do, you don't even know what they mean by it. Ups and downs, minute to minute.

My side tables, for the show, are on their last legs (no pun intended). One broke today, right before my show, and crashed backstage in the middle of the singer's show...oops. It's being held together with tape right now. Because of how it's made, short of welding it together, it might be done for.

I've considered finding some sort of furniture store, but from what I hear, furniture is one of the most expensive things here.... Man, I miss Target.

If they can just hold until Monday...Maybe I can find something on my day off.

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