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They asked me (after I got here) to change a trick every couple of weeks as sometimes they have repeat customers. However, when I asked them if I could put something different in the show, they became all put upon and said they needed to schedule rehearsal times and things. Then, when I gave them the CD with new music on it, they said they couldn't put it into the system until one of the upper management came by with the computer, so they asked if they could use the same music for the new piece.

I, of course, not thinking things all the way through said yes...the music was a tad short, but I still ended it in a good spot.

The Japanese were not a fan of the piece (linking rings), and tomorrow I'll go back to doing the show I was doing. *sigh*

Now I don't know whether to add something new again, or wait until they ask me to add something...I don't know...

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