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Third time's the charm...

Two times before they've asked me to change my show for the repeat customers that come to watch...and even though before I left the states, no one told me I had to change my show, I did. (I had brought extra effects with me in case something broke).

Two times before they have found reasons for me not swapping out effects. When I tried to put the rings in, they refused to change my music, which ended up too short, so then they didn't like them. Then they wanted me to do something talking (currently everything is to music), so I tried to do that but they nitpicked every word I said and wanted to write me a script... which is fine if I could read Japanese...

Now they want me to put in my fire act. So like a dutiful little magician, I trudged to the store and made myself new torches and got the accouterments together. (obviously I didn't bring my fire act with me)

We shall see how this turns out...

It's not as simple as simply handing a cd to the sound guy and doing something new... It all has to be approved by the big boss, so we have to have a meeting, and then rehearsal before he shuts me down.

Personally, I think they're doing it on purpose in order to send me home at the two month mark rather than extending it to three... but maybe I'm just paranoid.



June 2010

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